The Cinémathèque de Tanger completes its missions of transmission and diffusion of cinema with the distribution of feature films throughout the Moroccan terr

Samawa and Baghdad, Iraq

Samawa Cinema was founded in 2012 by a group of young film directors in the city of Samawa in southern Iraq.

Alexandria, Egypt

Cinema Everywhere searches for uncultured spaces to use as alternative screening spaces.

The Animation School is an initiative dedicated to visual arts, aimed to create and develop ‎an alternative stream in the wider field of Animation.

Cairo, Egypt is a website in Arabic dedicated to cinema criticism and to writing about cinema and its makers.

Beirut, Lebanon

MC Distribution aims at supporting Lebanese and international independent cinema in Lebanon and the Middle East.

Tunis, Tunisia

HAKKA Distribution is a film distribution company that was created in 2013, based in Tunisia.

Cairo, Egypt

Zawya Distribution aims to create an alternative distribution model bridging the gap between arthouse films and their audience through targeted and encompass