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NAAS Network of Arab Alternative Screens

NAAS | Network of Arab Alternative Screens


NAAS is a network of non-governmental cinema screens the Arabic-speaking region. It gathers initiatives that attempt through their programming, events, space, outreach, and operations to support a vibrant and sustainable cinema culture with the aim of developing audiences engaging with film.


The network counts 16 members and affiliates:

12 cinemas, cine-clubs and cultural centers

4 affiliates: screening halls, initiatives in the public space and a web platform for critical writing on film. 

The network’s members are based in 9 Arab countries: Algeria - Egypt - Iraq - Lebanon - Morocco - Palestine - Sudan - Tunisia - United Arab Emirates




NAAS champions long-term collaboration and solidarity among a growing constellation of initiatives that maintain community around film. With a belief in the urgency of alternative narratives and the experience of watching film collectively, NAAS provides opportunities and resources for the cinema sector to cultivate critical thinking and dialogue among audiences across the Arabic-speaking region.





NAAS envisions communities across the Arabic-speaking region taking ownership of their available resources and of the decision-making around their allocation. The network prioritizes horizontal governance and measures of accountability in the arts and culture sector to achieve an equitable distribution of these resources, unbridled access to knowledge, and commitment to the radical values and practices of working together.




1. Granting 

Cinapses is designed as a grant program to encourage long-term, joint initiatives among NAAS members. It aims to lead members into new opportunities for institutional sustainability and programmatic development, create solidarity among members, activate network mobility, and build an ecosystem and strong tools to be used by everyone in the network and larger sector.


2. Film Resources

NAAS builds on the great diversity of the network to investigate alternative distribution schemes based on the mutualization of costs, expertise, information, resources, and tools pertaining to programming and film curation, outreach, community screenings and Q&A’s, as well as mediation with distributors. 


3. Research 

In August 2018, NAAS released its first research publication, Mapping Cinema Audiences: Egypt. It culminates a two-year research project that approaches cinema as a social and cultural institution and explores the habits and motivations for collective film viewing. 

The broader strategy for the research program is currently under development.


4. Trainings and Regional Meetings

The NAAS trainings and regional meetings create momentum for alternative cinema exhibitors to meet, network, and elaborate strategies around common challenges and shared prospects.




NAAS is a sponsored organization of ArteEast.