2019 NAAS Prize for Film Circulation
09 December 2019

2019 NAAS Prize for Film Circulation
Image courtesy: Marrakech International Film Festival

NAAS is proud to announce Khadar Ahmed's The Gravedigger as the winner of the 2019 NAAS Prize for Film Circulation, awarded at Marrakech International Film Festival's "Ateliers de l'Atlas."

The NAAS jury - made up of Brigitte Boulad (Filmlab: Palestine), Butheina Kazim (Cinema Akil), Waguih El laqany (Cinema Everywhere), and Khaled El Ghoul (Yabous Cultural Centre) - selected The Gravedigger as the winner for the film's dance of love, its performance punctuated with humour, sorrow and a leap of faith, as well as its ability to render the specific and universal through tenderness, and the triumph of the poetic present over the fragility of life.

The prize is issued to the NAAS member spaces to invite the filmmaker or a crew member to present their film after completion, and to facilitate its circulation among Arabic-speaking countries

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