Hacking Sinema Futures Together
07 February 2022

Hacking Sinema Futures Together

"We come together to claim space – for the free circulation of our imaginaries and for cinemas to exist as friction zones, as spaces of reflection and recalibration of our realities."

United Screens of SAVVY Contemporary, NAAS Network of Arab Alternative Screens and Sinema Transtopia of bi'bak are pleased to announce HACKING SİNEMA FUTURES TOGETHER.
Launching on 15th February, the project will unfold through a series of events taking place in Berlin and beyond from February to June 2022.

Within a half-day-program NAAS, Sinema Transtopia and United Screens will present their upcoming projects and the participants will have the chance to come together and exchange during the panel discussions as well as at the evening program including a dinner and a film screening.  

With Sabine Abi Saber, Ana David, Jowe Harfouche, Laura Kloeckner, Malve Lippmann, Abhishek Nilamber, Can Sungu, Pallavi Paul, Sarnt Utamachote, Buse Yıldırım and others.

Help us shape a future-oriented prototype for sustainable film screenings and circulation by joining us at the HACKING SİNEMA FUTURES TOGETHER  |  Kick-off Meeting! 

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